• Gingered Jasmine Joy

    Play Pretty Beauty

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    Experience the joy of ginger and jasmine anytime! In the morning, use our moisturizing Jasmine Citrus Handcrafted soap, followed by our delicious Gingered Jasmine Whipped Body Butter Creme. After a long day, scrub your cares away with our Gingered Jasmine Shea Sugar Scrub. The aroma will linger on your skin and fill your senses long after you've snuggled into your pj's. A sedative, calming way to end the day.  


    1 6 oz. Jasmine Citrus Handcrafted Soap

    1 4 oz. Gingered Jasmine Whipped Body Butter Creme

    1 8 oz.  Gingered Jasmine Shea Sugar Scrub

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