What's In A Name?

 Play Pretty came from something my grandmother used to say to my sister and me when we were kids. Growing up, we spent a lot of time at her house and even more time running around outside and climbing the pear trees in her backyard. We were rough and tumble tomboys.

My grandmother would get so exasperated with how rough we were playing and how dirty we were getting she'd yell out the back door, ‘Ya’ll Play Pretty,' meaning play nice! The phrase stuck and my sister and I found ourselves using it throughout our lives to describe various situations.

Sister: “What did you do when that person said that to you?” Other sister: I wanted give him/her the business but I decided to play pretty.”

Sister: “So and so is stressing me out today.” Other sister: “Just play pretty, it'll be alright.”

What also stuck was the pears trees. When we would climb them, we'd inevitably grab a few to eat. So we learned early on the value of fresh, natural food. When looking for a body cream to help my (and my son's) eczema, I knew it had to be natural, yet effective. And can we talk moisture? It had to have lots of moisture, without being greasy. I couldn't find what I was looking for on store shelves (natural and beautifully fragranced), so I created my own of necessity, never dreaming a business would result. It wasn't until  a friend suggested I take my butters to local farmers markets and I saw the response to the butters that I realized there was a space for my products in the marketplace. Many other people had the same skin issues I did; eczema, dark spots, discoloration and dryness. This is how Play Pretty Beauty was born. I also knew I wanted to honor my grandmother. This is also why you'll see a pear on every product. A nod to my roots and the natural goodness inside every jar and bottle.

When  you use our products, you can be sure thoughtful, careful ingredient sourcing is always involved and a real desire to bring you the most natural, effective products we can.  Everybody has a story. This is ours.


Play Pretty,