What People Are Saying

"I've been faithfully using my products and I'm totally in love. The complexion bar is great, i bought it to even out the spots that I have, but I'm also noticing that its reducing pimples.. i usually get a big pimple when it's that time of the month (my tell tell signs that it's coming) but nothing this month. amazing! Don't let me get started on the scrub and the body creme, I can write a page there!! Thanks, great products!" - Carlene M.

"My boyfriend is obsessed with Play Pretty. I have to hide it from him! I used the face butter while in Las Vegas for work last week as a primer, and it was awesome in that dry heat. Thank you!" - Jenn N.

"Bought two of your soap bars (Cherry Almond & Sea Salt) at the Women's Convention in TN. Will definitely be ordering again (I'm sure these won't last long...) - Elisabeth Y.

"I had an opportunity to sample one of your products at JIG 2013 (Island Sorbet) and loved it. I just placed an order. Blessings!!!" - Lili C.

"I just wanted to let you know that i love your products. Your lotion does wonders on my daughter. Her skin tends to be a little dry but your lotion helps. Also your soap bars are so yummy, my husband is going through them like water!
Keep up the good work and thank you." -Simone B.

"I have a confession: I ran out of Play Pretty Beauty body butter, and let just say this. I was miserable! Nothing covered me like my body butter! I've tried other products and i didn't get the same results! So I thought I ordered some more body butter and when I got my package, I realized I didn't! I went Noooooooooooo! Lol ! My daughter told me " Mom I ordered you and I so body butter and it came! I started ?????????????????????lol . I won't do that again! These products are apart of my life.. I'm stuck! Customers for life! So Thank you, Danielle Knox for creating it, and having the mindset to share with others.. One of a kind!" Trisha J.

"Tried The Play Pretty Beauty Products this morning..The scrub and the body cream. My skin is extremely sensitive but I am happy to say my skin feels amazingly soft with that Dee Thompson shine on my Legs and Arms...Love it!!! Thank you. Danielle Knox." - Denise A.