• Changes Coming Soon!

    Photo: Thinkin' bout the changes to come... :)

    Hi there,

    It's been awhile since I've blogged and I wanted to keep up updated on what's been going on with us. Play Pretty is a passion project for me. I'm passionate about my family, television news (I'm a news anchor, too!), natural beauty, design and decor,  let's see, what much! So, I've decided to "marry" all those passions into a new an improved Play Pretty Beauty experience. We'll still have our core beauty products, of course, but we'll be switching up the offerings a bit...keeping some of our best-selling staples, but adding new, fresh offerings we know you'll love. We are also going to be adding some clothing, design pieces and other really "pretty" things that encompass who we are; multi-faceted and dynamic. So, as we say in the news business, "Stay Tuned!"





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