• Cha-cha-cha-changes!

    Photo: Thinkin' bout the changes to come... :)

    Hi there,

    Play Pretty is a passion project for me. I'm passionate about my family, television news (I'm a news anchor, too!), natural beauty, design and decor,  let's see, what much! So, I've decided to "marry" all those passions into a new an improved Play Pretty Beauty experience. We'll still have our core beauty products, of course, but adding some new, fresh offerings we know you'll love. Things like throw pillows, candles, design pieces and other "pretty" things that encompass the multi-faceted and dynamic halves that make us whole. So, as we say in the news business, "Stay Tuned!"





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    • Patti Bonura says...


      I used to buy your whipped body butter from a holistic store in Boca Raton. She has since gone out of business, but i am wondering if you will ever make this Lemon Orange Fig body butter again. I absolutely love it! I have saved it and only use it sparingly because I know I can’t ever find it again. Would you consider making it again in the future?
      Thank you!

      On January 04, 2020

    • Toni Hill says...

      Hello my darling, beautiful God-daughter. Keep me in the loop of your new offerings. Forgive me for not keeping in touch as I should…you know how that works though. Even though I am retried I am busier than ever. I am just now using the Island Sorbet Whipped Body Butter Crème and love it!

      Had to get a new computer and have to add all my favorite web sites back…hence, this note. Much love, Miss Toni

      P.S. Loving the beautiful hair…

      On January 04, 2020

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