About Us


Play Pretty Beauty began out of a need to to relieve eczema.
I’ve had it since I was a child. My dry patches itched and would leave dark marks on my skin. Like most people with eczema, I treated it with prescriptions and over the counter cortisones. It wasn’t until my young son developed eczema that I really started taking a hard look at what we were putting on our bodies. I started using butters and oils separately on our skin, but they were either to cumbersome to use, too oily, or the moisture wouldn't last. I became like a mad scientist in the kitchen! Once I started blending the butters and oils together, along with botanicals to relieve itchiness and irritation, our skin improved tremendously. With eczema and extremely dry skin, moisture that lasts is key. I started taking the butters to local farmer’s markets and frequently sold out. Customers loved the combination of a natural product that delivered lasting moisture but didn't leave a greasy mess on their clothes and had unique, but not overpowering fragrances.
As a television news anchor, I was used to doing research and gathering information. I turned those skills inward to create natural products not just for eczema, but for anyone looking for natural, effective skincare solutions.
 Our products keep skin sensitivity top of mind while addressing blemishes, dark spots, acne and sun damage.
Play Pretty makes beauty skin deep. Our products contain no sulfates, parabens, mineral or petroleum oils, harsh detergents, drying SD alcohol, phthalates or lanolin. And we test on people, not animals. It is truly my passion to Play Pretty, naturally. Thank you so much for being here.
❤ Danielle Knox Ross
Founder, Play Pretty Beauty