• Nohea Ani Escape

    Play Pretty Beauty

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    Want a perfect way to get away and get great skin, too? Escape with Nohea Ani. Start with our best-selling Cherry Almond Handcrafted soap to cleanse and moisturize skin without overdrying. Then, get your glow on with our Nohea Ani Shea Sugar Scrub. A dollop should do it. (You can use more, we just love that word and were looking for a place to use it).  Finally, follow up with a dash (another one of our fave words) of Nohea Ani Whipped Body Butter Creme to soothe, moisturize and replenish. 


    1 6 oz. Cherry Almond Handcrafted Soap

    1 4 oz.  Nohea Ani Whipped Body Butter Creme

    1 8 oz.  Nohea Ani Shea Sugar Scrub

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