• A Midsummer Treat! 25% Off!

    We pluck, tweeze, analyze and over-analyze what we see in the mirror. Am I pretty enough? Is she/he prettier than me? Why did God bless/curse me with such a big/small _______ (fill in the blank here).
    To compensate for our seeming lack of, whatever is is we think we're lacking, we use potions, needles and maybe even, if we're brave enough, the knife.
    There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel better about yourself. I would NEVER begrudge a person for doing what feels right to make themselves feel pretty. It can do wonders for one's self-confidence. And while it is true that beauty starts from within, there are some things we can do on the outside to make that inner glow shine, naturally. That's why I created Play Pretty Beauty.  I wanted to find natural solutions to my family's skin care woes. Whether it be my son's eczema ( try our Whipped Body Creme for this), my own skin discoloration (why I created our brightening face butters and serums) or just the desire for a good, natural handcrafted soap that wouldn't make my skin feel like the mojave desert, I've worked over the last several years to create a really good, really effective bath and body care line.
    Now that we're in the middle of summer, my skin tends to get very dry so I have to use a little more TLC to get it together. I know many of you are stocking up on your faves right now, too so I wanted to offer this 25% off coupon to make that easier.
    Just use code: summer2014 at checkout to receive 25% off your entire order. No minimum or maximum purchase. As always, we drop in free samples with every order!
    Everything is fleeting, including beauty, summer and this offer - it expires 8/7/2014. Still, here's to enjoying it all while it lasts. :)

    Play Pretty!
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