• Let's Get Glowing! Buh-Bye Dark Spots!

    Let me just say this to start: Dark spots are NOT cute. Not on me, or anyone else. I've spent a lot of money over the years trying to find a solution...then a lightbulb moment, as Oprah says. I developed a solution myself!

    Introducing my All Aglow Brightening Face Wash and All Aglow Brightening Face Toner! As some of you may know, I spent a couple of years developing my All Aglow Brightening Face Butter and All Aglow Brightening Face Serum. I’ll admit, like much of this line, I developed these products out of a personal need – I was getting discoloration and dark spots from (adult) acne and I was not having that! I wanted a natural solution, something that would CLEAR and BRIGHTEN my skin, NOT LIGHTEN it. The butter and serum work amazingly well in this respect. But I wanted to develop more of a cleansing and brightening “system,” a natural line people could use every day without having to mix and match brands. Voila! The face wash and toner were developed. The process wasn’t as long as it was with the butter and serum because I knew what I wanted. Something simple, effective and natural. Something that would complement the butter and serum perfectly.  I also knew I wanted a lovely, light natural fragrance, since these products are for the face. I didn’t want to overwhelm your senses with too much fragrance! The wash and toner work especially well for those with sensitive skin. And as far as the toner is concerned – sometimes, on my “no makeup days,” I’ll just swish on the toner (which is a gel, by the way, not a watery liquid) and go! I keep a bottle in my purse to use throughout the day after my workout, for example. It removes any excess dirt, oil and grime gently.

    If it sounds like I put in a lot of research, time and effort into my products, I do! I believe in natural, effective skincare products that work. Oftentimes, a product will be natural, which is great, but it won’t work that great! Or the product will work well, but be full of chemicals. That’s not happening here. I source globally for the best, nature-inspired ingredients that truly WORK. Enjoy


    P.S, This is a pic of me working. Used to be I'd have to slather on the concealer and foundation to achieve this look. But this look is very minimal makeup - just a dab of foundation, no concealer, expect around the eyes. Because of my All Aglow system, I don't have to wear very much foundation on air at all. Saves tons of $$ on foundation, lol. In fact, I've been using the same bottle of foundation for nearly a year! I used to work overtime to cover the blemishes and dark spots, but now I don't have to! :)

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    • nicole says...

      love natural products that work! i agree… before and after pics would be awesome!

      On March 25, 2014

    • Andrea Ocampo says...

      Some before and after pictures would be great.

      On March 23, 2014

    • Constance Jones says...

      I would love to see some before after pictures! :)

      On March 22, 2014

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