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    Hi there!! Thanks so much for reading my very first website blog! My name is Danielle. I'm CEO of Play Pretty Beauty. I'm starting this blog to keep you up to date on our latest products, happening in the industry and anything this else I think you might be interested in. So, I made myself a couple of promises before starting this. One- that I would try to write at least once a week.  Two - that I wouldn't worry so much about run on or incomplete sentences - that I'd just let my thoughts flow, kinda like I'm doing right now. And three - that I would be honest.  So here's the first bit of honesty: Starting a business is tough. Very tough. Maybe the toughest thing I've ever done (other than give birth). It's filled with lots of ups and down (sorta like love) and is not for the faint of heart (sorta like love, too).  Few of us have the same dollars, marketing machines or contacts of big corporations. Even fewer of us will forge ahead when we fail, hit a roadblock or are not making any money. And even fewer of us will make it to the "promised land" - a profitable business. I've always been a fighter. A quiet fighter, but a fighter nonetheless. Ask my mamma about that. She's got some STORIES for you.  Despite these challenges, I am forging ahead. Someone's gotta win, why NOT me.  Hey, even the big corporations had to start somewhere, right? I ran Track & Field in my youth, high school and college and know I have to WORK if I want to WIN. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

    I started this business because my son has eczema. So do I. So does my sister. And actually, it didn't start out as a business. It started out as my sister and me trying to come up with solution for skin and hair woes. Long story short this personal need grew into a business that I incorporated, but really didn't understand required much, much more than having a good product. So it sat on a shelf, as an occasional hobby. My sister, a wife, mother and someone with a full time job who needs to support her family, went back to her "life" and I went back to mine - until I was downsized (the day before I gave birth to my 3rd son, no less, but that's a whole 'nother blog)! Boy, that'll make you pull something off the shelf quick, won't it?

    So I sold Play Pretty everywhere I could. At craft fairs, women's conferences, home parties... even out of the back of my car! You name it, I've pretty much done it. I humbled myself and told myself countless days to 'hang in there, you will break through.' What I began to realize is the product resonated with people. From the name, to what's inside the jar, to our attention to our customers - the feedback has been fantastic. It's what's kept me going. So kick your feet up and stay while. I'm glad you're here and hope you'll like what you see.

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