• What are sulfates?

    You've probably heard the word "Sulfates" mentioned a lot in the beauty industry lately. Take a quick peek at the ingredient decks of many of your favorite beauty products and you'll see sulfates (aka sodium laureth sulfate,ammonium laureth sulfate, sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and sodium laurel sulfate (SLS),  listed near the top. These are the agents that make your product lather and suds. They are often down upon for their tendencies to dry out hair and skin, not to mention reports of skin irritation. At Play Pretty Beauty, we don't use sulfates in ANY of our products. I started this company because of my son's eczema, so anything that may irritate his or your skin, I avoid. And remember lots of lather doesn't mean lots of clean. It just means lots of stripping (um, of your hair and skin!)  We've found our products perform better without harsh sulfates, resulting in happier and we believe healthier skin!

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